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     Hello! My name is Steve and I am known as Nulcheck on the internet. "Null Check" is a programming term for checking to see if something is null. \0 is one of the representations for a null character / byte. I wanted to see how many things I could break by having this as a username. Spoiler alert: you can't add symbols for a username (because unchecked user input is a security issue, and that is called "null byte injection"; Also the name of one of my releases!), but display names are no problem.

     If you want to read an in-depth explanation / history of my username, check out this page.
     If you wanted to read about my record label, Nullify Records, then check this
page out.

     I decided to go with one L in the name for branding reasons. First, if you searched the name with two L's, you would, of course, get programming stuff and not my stuff. Second, I thought the two L's would kind of be too "busy" / might be kind of hard to read if the text was small or you're seeing it from a distance. So I thought one L would improve readability and look more like a neat, tidy username.


     Now, for the one nerd out there who is probably like; "Well null with a single L is referring to the null character / byte itself, rather than an object that is null, which is what most people mean when talking about null." Yes, I know, but again, branding reasons ok? In a way, it still works because I was trying to enter in a Null Character / Byte as a part of the username (\0), soo... One L for branding reasons and readability. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

     Anyway, I'm a guy who makes electronic music (how original). I started around the age of 10 or so, but the songs weren't really good. I was mostly just messing around, didn't really know how to structure songs and such. I eventually searched for tips and tutorials and actually put (some) effort into making songs. And now we have this. Enjoy! I also livestream sometimes on Twitch.


     One of my favorite synthesizers is Serum (wow, how original). I've collected a few drum pack samples over the years, I don't even remember where I got some of them anymore. I also have a few Vengeance packs too. (oof)

     The shield looking logo thing is a dj mask, because idfk man. I've always heard that those who have helmets say it gets hot in there, so I thought; "why not just a mask? You only really need to cover your face.." The whole ass thing is like a screen or whatever (or at least an array of LEDs), but I like that low-poly look, so that's what I did. Does it work IRL? who knows, I haven't physically made the mask.. idk how. I engineer sound not tech stuff.

     If you think DJ masks / helmets are stupid, well piss off. It creates a certain identity that's at least different and cooler than "here's a dude who makes music, and here's his face". Also it creates anonymity, I do not wish for people to know what I look like. That's just me. My thing isn't like a simple bucket on my head or a plain ass mask or something. I'm actually trying to make it look cool, at least...


Also, hit me up Payday2 / Game Devs, we could totally add my mask into the game as a collab thing. ;)

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