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Nullify Records

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     Nullify Records is an independent record label created by Nulcheck, the name of which was based off of his username. That's really about it, there's not much there as it's very new and not fully a thing because I ain't got no money or much of a place in the music industry. But mark my words, it will be once I can.

     The name, and idea of having my own record label, didn't come about until June 4th, 2022 at 4am. Along side the name for the record label, was also the name for a new VST synth called NullifySynth. [ref]

     So far, there is only one artist under the Nullify Records label name, being Nulcheck himself. However, if his friends were to start making their own music, he would help them get their music published, as he has experience in this, and of course has his own label. They would most likely be under the label's name. NullifyRecords also has the NullifySynth under their name as well.

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